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This is an email a few moths ago with regards to our realtor, Karen Williams of Bridgewater, NJ - Remax. I had meant to send this to you last month - Sorry for the delay. Basically, the story with Karen is that she is the most wonderful, professional and caring realtor we have ever come across. She had our house in Manville, NJ on the market for over a year and was consistent in trying to sell the property. We moved out of the property in May 2006. We had secured a buyer who was due to move in to the property in early June of that year. As soon as we moved out, they began to ask for unreasonable things to be done to the house, we had in fact spent a few thousand dollars we could ill afford accommodating them already. Karen tried so very hard to keep them to the contract but to no avail. They dropped out and left us high and dry.

Karen immediately did open house's and had shown the property to numerous people. She knew that our family had just had another baby and that we needed to sell our NJ home immediately. We would never had moved, had we known the original buyers may drop out. She managed to secure another buyer for the property very quickly and just before that was to close, one of the buyers had got fired from their job, so that sale fell through.

Again, Karen jumped to the task, assuring us that we would sell our home and that she would do all within her power to help to that goal. So for the third time, she secured another buyer very quickly. However, because we had to drop the price of the house so drastically to get new buyers, we had to do a short sale.

Karen went above and beyond her duty to us, keeping us informed of all new developments.. The short sale dragged on for about 5 months. Karen Williams was so supportive to my husband and I in this very difficult time, is was, as you can imagine, very stressful trying to keep two mortgages going etc etc. Karen literally kept our spirits up for months and called us just ask how we were doing when there was no new information to report.

When we had a closing date set up, the buyer did not show up for it because she had been presented with a new set of fees by her lawyer and refused to pay them.  After all Karen's time and effort, did not buy the house. Karen tried everything she could that day to contact the buyer and was personally, very upset by this development, not only for her own sake, for she had done months of work and had still not yet been paid but for our family. When Karen had to call us to tell us this terrible news, she was absolutely devastated and could not bear to bring us bad news yet again, and was very upset to have to do so.

She had renewed interest in the house, because we had dropped the price so much and had a few people consistently calling her to see if it was sold yet, asking that she contact them if the sale fell through. She yet again, came to our rescue with a FOURTH buyer who did indeed buy our home within a few weeks of the other buyer dropping out.

This whole debacle has put us in financial ruin but through it all, Karen Williams has had the professionalism and grace that I have really never come across in a professional capacity in any business that I have dealt with. Over the years here and in Europe, I had dealt with many business people and Karen is a standout for her dedication to her clients. I seriously think that she kept us from going, quite frankly, insane, with the pressure we were under for a full year and never once did she display to us a disregard for our personal feelings on the matter.

She ALWAYS returned phone calls, calmed nerves, answered numerous questions and was always cheerful and supportive. She never made us feel as if we were a burden to her or that she had better or more lucrative clients to deal with,and therefore, not have time for us. She ALWAYS had time for us. She had driven to Pennsylvania for paperwork to make it easier on me because I have two small children and the journey to NJ would be 3 hour round trip for a five minute meeting. She met me half way and it was a typical Karen Williams gesture to do such a thing. None of my friends believed that a realtor would do such things. Karen Williams does, and i'm sure all of her clients hold her in the high regard we do.

Our home was up for foreclosure because the short sale was taking so long, and Karen went above and beyond her duty to us to make sure that all was done to get it done. We were, by this point, devastated that things had turned out this way, and were also very upset that if it went into foreclosure, Karen probably would not get paid. The sale of the house meant nothing to us except the thought that finally, Karen had got paid, in some way for all her hard work. She quite literally, has dealt with many tearful phone calls from myself and was amazingly supportive to me in my hour of need. She became for us a beacon of hope on many a dark day, dramatic though it sounds, every word is true. If all realtors were of the same caliber as Karen Williams, realtors would not have the reputation that they sometimes do. She is more than a credit to her profession and company, she is a shining star of what a realtor should give their clients. The support she gave us was invaluable and will never be forgotten by our family. To our mind, she can never be repaid for the help she gave us through a vert trying time in our lives.

This letter does not do Karen Williams justice for all the work and dedication she has shown our family. I will say, that had my husband and I made a dime on that house, we would certainly have given her more commission ourselves. To our minds, she deserved so much more than whatever she ended up with.

The reason for this letter is to let you see what a dedicated professional you have in Miss Williams and to ask, if possible, that she get some type of recognition for her excellent work. We would love to see her get something to show her how she is valued for her work ethic and her dedicated professionalism that cannot be matched. I don't know if you give awards or bonuses for such excellent work but if you do, Karen Williams more than deserves whatever appropriate measure can be made.

Please pass this on to Karen's superiors, managers etc so that they can read for themselves the high regard in which we hold her as a professional realtor.